When is swearing forbidden?

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Swearing is forbidden under the following circumstances:

  1. False oath: A person swears he is telling the truth even though he is lying:

    Zech. 8:17: Love no false oath.

    Assignment: Read Matt. 26:72: Peter’s false oath.

  2. Swearing in sinful matters:

    Assignment: Read Acts 23:12: The Jews swore they would kill Paul.

  3. Swearing in uncertain matters: When we swear that something is true, but are not sure that it is:

    Zech. 8:16: Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor.

  4. Thoughtless and frivolous swearing:

    Assignment: Read: Matt. 14:6-10: Herod’s frivolous oath.

  5. Swearing in support of something that is wrong:

    Assignment: Read 1 Sam. 28:8-10: Saul’s oath.

  6. Swearing in unimportant matters of everyday life:

    Assignment: Read: Matt 5:33-37: Jesus’ warning.