How are we to apply the Eighth Commandment?

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We are to apply the Eighth Commandment and justice in such a way that it is not used against the innocent. Thus, for example, concealing the truth from the enemies of our country or from evil doers, so that they cannot carry out their plans, is not a sin against this commandment — true love of our neighbor obligates us to do so. We are also obligated to reveal the evil intentions of others when we have knowledge of them. The government, parents, and some others, each in their own sphere of jurisdiction, have the right and the obligation to admonish, judge and punish evil. The congregation and its pastor have the right to use the power of the Office of the Keys.

Assignment: Read Joshua 2:4-5, and Heb. 11:31: Rahab did not speak the truth to the enemies of Israel. 1 Sam. 20:12-13: Jonathon promised to reveal evil intentions to David, and Acts 23:12-16: Paul’s nephew told Paul about the Jews’ intention to murder him.