What are we to think of those matters which are neither commanded nor forbidden in God´s word?

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There are matters which God has neither commanded nor forbidden, which are also called adiaphora. God has given us the freedom to deal with these matters according to our discretion. In matters such as these, however, the government, our parents, our employers and supervisors, each in their own sphere of responsibility, may give commands, which we are conscience-bound to obey because of the Fourth Commandment.

We are also to remember that we must not offend those weak Chrisitans, who consider certain matters of free choice to be sin, because they do not understand true Christian freedom. Brotherly love demands that in cases of this type, we refrain from exercising our Christian freedom, in order that no one will become confused and be in danger of acting contrary to his weak conscience. In cases like these we are to be willing to conform in a spirit of unselfishness, and at the same time to teach the weak what true Christian freedom is.

Assignment: Read 1 Cor. 8 and Rom. 14:13-23. Discuss: What are some matters of this type, that are related to our lives?

If legalistically inclined sects or individuals demand that we avoid and consider as sin, matters that are free according to God’s Word, we must not even for a moment submit to their demands, but must rather hold fast to our freedom, as a matter of confession of faith, and defend the truth of the Gospel.

Assignment: Read Gal. 2:45 and 5:1, also Col. 2:16.

If we are not certain as to whether or not something is sinful, we are first to study the matter in the light of God’s Word, and only then are we to act, for “whatsoever is not of faith is sin” (Rom. 14:23).

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