How can we tell that we have not committed the sin against the Holy Ghost?

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A person who is spiritually distressed and fears that he has committed the sin against the Holy Ghost, and is troubled about the possibility that he has been shut out from God’s grace in Christ, has not committed this specific sin against the Holy Ghost.

The strong influence of the Holy Ghost in him is evidenced by the fact that he is concerned about the condition of his soul and its eternal destiny. He is a believer, even though he is greatly troubled.

His weak faith must be strengthened with God’s gracious Word; for Christ has died in behalf of everyone, and wants all people to be saved.

The person, however, who has committed this particular sin against the Holy Ghost, is not troubled by the fact. Neither is he concerned about his soul’s salvation, but goes on living with a proud and rebellious spirit, his heart hardened beyond change, refusing to submit to the clear Word of God.