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e-BAZNICA (in English it means e-CHURCH) is a site hold and lead by group of enthusiast from company “Konfesionāli Luteriskā Biedrība” (in English it means "Society of Confessional Lutherans"), as a result of their studies in theology and wish to serve to the Gospel.

e-CHURCH serves as an visual example of "broken mirror" one trying to reflex now'a'days Christianity with all-their-best tryings to show and explain all mighty of God an his only son Jesus to the fallen humanity. We know and show those questions that 'most likely have' everyone new-born Christian, and have keep those answers 'essential for salvation' for those who obtain the life eternal through the trust in God (from God, through the Christ with Holy Spirit( as an.

We are not teaching anything wrong or false but only true and invite everybody to read, think and write in e-CHURCH (or even become one of us ... one of e-nthusiast's)!

There is amazingly written about this positive e-nthusiasm by Lutheran theologian Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther beginning of lectures about The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel. Walther says:
“My Friends, a person may pretend to be a Christian while in reality he is not. As long as he is in this condition, he is quite content with his knowledge of the mere outlines of the Christian doctrines. Everything beyond that, he says, is for pastors and theologians. To perceive as clearly as possible everything that God has revealed, that is something in which a non-Christian has no interest. However, the moment a person becomes a Christian, there arises in him a keen desire for the doctrine of Christ. Even the most uncultured peasant who is still unconverted is suddenly roused in the moment of his conversion and begins to reflect on God and heaven, salvation and damnation, etc. He becomes occupied with the highest problems of human life.”

That kind of being interested we experienced not just in ourselves but also can find in scriptures. Walther continues:
“An instance of this kind is afforded by those Jews who flocked to Christ and also by the apostles. Those multitudes heard Christ with great joy and were astonished because He preached with authority and not as the scribes. But the majority of these hearers never advanced beyond a certain feeling of delight and admiration. The apostles, too, were uneducated people, but they acted differently. They did not stop where the rest stopped, but propounded all manner of questions to Christ. After hearing one of His parables, they said: “Declare unto us this parable.” Matt. 13, 36. Similar to this was the conduct of the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily. Acts 17, 11. It is, therefore, quite true what the Apology says: “Men of good conscience are crying for the trhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifuth and proper instruction from the Word of God. Even death is not as bitter to them as when thy find themselves in doubt regarding this matter or thathttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif. Accordingly, they must seek where they can find inshttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftruction.””
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Soli Deo gloria