The Christmas tree speaks to children

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I am a Christmas tree. Some children have gathered around me. They gaze at me with soulful eyes, filled with eager anticipation and joyful excitement, impatiently waiting. Children, I look at you and would like to grasp you with my branches and crush you against my trunk. That's how much I enjoy your happiness. Listen, children, I have something to say to you. Be as quiet as mice and I will whisper wonderful things to you.

I grew in a forest. No one noticed me until a certain man cut me down, threw me on the platform of his truck, drove to the city and sold me to you. I was bewildered: "Why did I have to leave my beloved forest and come here?" But my Creator told me: "You must testify of me in the home to which you go." I asked: "What should I say? I don't know how to speak the way people speak." My Creator replied: "Do not object. Go with a joyful heart. When the children and their parents look at you, you will begin to live in their imagination and in that way you will speak to them.

Children, look and see how green I am. Green is the color of life. I am a tree of life. I am a picture of God's Son, Jesus, who has brought us eternal life. Just as I left my own forest, so too He left heaven and became man. Just as I was cut down and will soon die, so too the Son of God suffered and died. In this way He atoned for your sins and earned everlasting life for you.

I have a star at my top. You remember, don't you, how the star of Bethlehem led the three Wisemen to Jesus. You too need such a star to lead you to Jesus. That star is God's Word, the Bible. Read it. It tells us about Jesus.

See how joyfully the candles flicker on my branches. They enjoy giving off light. They picture children and adults, who believe in Jesus. They testify of Jesus to others. In this way they give light and warmth. Yoy also admire the other decorations on my branches. What do they picture? They picture the good works of Christians. With them Christians adorn Jesus' Gospel so that people gladly hear and read it.

Children, whenever you see a Christmas tree, remember what I told you.