Atheist, place your hand on your heart

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Life is full of miracles. They are all around us as we pursue our daily lives, even though Rousseau's dream of a return to nature seems far removed from our everyday lives especially in today's urban environment. Whether people believe in God or not, they experience these miracles every day.

What does the developing child in the womb of a mother tell her? Can we convince her that the many factors on which the life and development of her child depend are merely accidental? We know that there are mothers who do not believe in God, but are they being honest? The mother who believes, marvels at God's great wisdom and purposeful plan. She cannot believe that everything is purely accidental. There must be a Creator.

Technology has sometimes been considered to be the field of cold reason where there is no room for faith. But what do the laws of nature proclaim to the technologist who uses them to his advantage; what does the prevailing order in an atom and the tremendous power confined in an infinitismal amount of space say to the physicist; what do the immeasurable orders of galaxies proclaim to the astronomer; what do their experiences in untouched space, the close seamless connection between technology, astronomy and the human mind, tell the astronauts who visited the moon? They all proclaim that God has created the universe and that He is almighty and all?knowing.

Pasteur already concluded: ex nihilo nihil (nothing is born of nothing); and he discovered bacteria. Using this same conclusion we too can make a discovery: The world did not come into existence on its own. It had to have a maker, the Creator. I have not as yet met an atheist, who has claimed that an automobile came into existence by itself. This type of thinking is not in conformity with a healthy mind. It calls for too much to happen by chance. One automobile, however, in this universe is as nothing. How could the universe have come into existence by itself? Therefore, atheist, place your hand on your heart and answer this question in your innermost being, while you ponder the miracles of life.

The Bible says of God: "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse" (Rom. 1:20).

From the works of creation we can conclude that God exists, but from these works we cannot learn of His grace toward sinners. For this purpose He has given us a special revelation, the Word of the Bible.