Is there life in outer space?

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Moses, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, describes the creation of the world on the first pages of the Bible. We cannot know about these matters on the basis of experience; we must depend on God's revelation. "Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or as His counselor has informed Him?" asks Isaiah as he contemplates God's power and His works of creation (Is. 40:13). We must in humility accept God's revelation.

A significant feature in the creation account is the fact that the creation of the universe is described from the perspective of the earth and especially of human beings. The heavenly bodies show the time and provide light for the earth. At the same time they "tell of the glory of God" (Ps. 19:1).

Did God create outer space with its countless number of galaxies only to serve the earth and human beings? The Bible does not answer this question. Mankind has been troubled by the question: Is there life beyond the earth? Up to now scientists have not found an answer to this question.

God created life and its various forms. It is significant that the Bible tells us that God created life on earth, but does not say anything concerning the creation of life on other planets. On the basis of the Bible we are not able to say whether or not there is life elsewhere.

God indeed also has an invisible world, the angels. But they are not bound to time or place as we are. Christ says that the guardian angels of children always behold the face of their heavenly Father (Matt. 18:10). Their mode of existence is such that they are always before the Father in heaven and at the same time are here among people. They do not need the stars for a place of residence.

God created the earth in such a way that human beings can live here. It was given as a home for them. People have been commanded to cultivate the earth and to fill it. No promise has been given to the effect that they could exist outside the earth, independent of the earth. On the other hand neither has God forbidden the study of outer space.

The world will be destroyed because of man's sin. Not only the earth will be destroyed, but also "the heavens will pass away with a roar" (2 Pet. 3:10). What high and responsible beings God has created when He created human beings! Because of their sin the entire universe with its stars will disappear! This seems to indicate that there is at least no higher form of life outside the earth.

Let us humbly and penitently seek refuge in God's grace. It will endure forever and can protect us until the time when a new heaven and earth are created.