The lack of experience and knowledge

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Youth seeks ideals. It has a proclivity for idealism, and often at the same time is full of enthusiasm, eager for action and seeking a way to put its ideals into practice. In such an attitude there is not yet anything moral, either good or bad. Whether we approve or disapprove of youth's attitude depends on the deals and the way in which they are pursued and carried out. Are the ideals right or wrong? And are the ways in which they are pursued and carried out morally acceptable? In one of our songs for youth we sing: "Here your zeal is appropriate and your cheerful songs are of help."

Youth of a necessity lacks experience. Young people do not know how improvement can be achieved, and often do not even know which means of improvement are right and already in existence. The lack of experience is also partly to blame for the superficial understanding of man's corruption and the childish belief that the world can be improved instantly and changes brought about in matters whose roots had their beginning centuries ago. Disappointment gives rise to bitterness and the disappointed one doesn't understand its cause. Christian young people also often do not understand what means God has provided for holding in check fallen mankind and the world, which lies in "the power of the evil one" (1 John 5:19), so that man cannot commit all the evil he