What are the goals of the restless?

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The agitators among the restless see modern day society as the root of all evil. For this reason they believe that society must be renewed by corrupting and destroying the old or opposing it in some other way. What sort of society they want is often unclear to them. By destroying the old they envisualize a better society, the nature of which cannot as yet be determined. There is even one school of thought which maintains that there is nothing permanent to strive for. Goals, the way of life and morals may change continually. Today its representatives may be of one opinion, tomorrow of another.

According to God's Word, however, there are certain institutions that have a divine right of existence, and which cannot be rebelled against without incurring God's wrath.

Institutions of this type are:
  • the home, family and marriage 
  • civil government, civil law, society, the State and Fatherland 
  • God's Word and the Christian Church 

Of these the first two belong to the sphere of earthly life, the third, to the sphere of spiritual life.

In present-day youth's desire to destroy the old, the question is not really one of renewal, which is constantly needed in the face of changing times and circumstances, but the question is of the destruction of the above mentioned institutions or rebellion against God.